Early childhood education is probably one of the most difficult lines of work in the world yet holds a great impact to the formation of a good society. Parents may be considered as the first teachers of a child however they can only teach life lessons as much as their experience took them. In order to augment and create a follow through in the learning process of a kid, an institution with trained professionals should start inculcating the basic academic and behavioral principles as early as they can.

Preschool teachers do not solely rely on their personal knowledge and training in molding kids into good citizens. Just like warriors who are to face a grueling battle, preschool teachers need their own set of weapons and these weapons are strategically placed or made available on their classrooms. If all considerations and researches about effective early childhood education are applied, then a preschool classroom is a “teacher” on itself.

These preschool classroom must –haves may be stand alone or need guidance from the teachers. Their true objective is to foster conversation, exploration of materials, and learning to make predictions. The more it sparks curiosity and interaction between kids, engaging them to worthwhile activities which for them may look like just games, the more they are lured into learning something important.


Easel is one of the fundamental tools that should in a preschool classroom. It serves as a medium for preparing kids to know and experience art. Aside from the fun they get in color mixing, they are also slowly introduced to the basic principle of colors.

Easel also promotes eye-hand organization, small motor control and artistic freedom.

Building Blocks

Block play offers young fellas opportunities to discover their potentials. Basic block building is an excellent way of introducing balance and stability, creativity and design, color appreciation, mental stimulation, mathematics, self-expression and a lot other diversity of skills, such as motor, social and cognitive abilities.

On the other hand, building blocks are brilliant instrument for teachers to teach the young children without getting bored and it encourages positive social interaction which is a vital fraction of learning.


Magnets are one of those stimulating toys that engage hands-on learning movement. Children and even adults love them simply because they are able to arouse our curiosity.

Playing with magnets offers important lessons for young children in experimentation, recognition, and categorization.

Learning with magnets can be a good way of promoting coordination just by exercising the hand and finger reflexes which is essential for writing. Moreover, by simple linking and disconnecting magnets, a child is subconsciously using his brain and practices thinking skills on dealing with gravity and equilibrium.

Play Dough


Preschool teachers should include Play Dough as one of the interactive teaching materials. Play Dough, also known as Play Doh, is a non-toxic modeling clay, and an astonishing tool that provides a lot of learning opportunities for youngsters.

Learning with play dough can be messy; however, using this amazing tool can be very beneficial to children. Play Dough has some calming therapeutic effect to cranky kids. It helps them to express their emotions. Not only that, Play Dough enhances hand-eye coordination, creativity, motor and skills, and amplifies inquisitiveness and understanding.

Children Of The World Learning Floor Puzzle

Racism is never a problem to young kids. It is important to expose little fellas to different cultures for them to understand how different life would be on the other side of the world. Introducing the different groups of people through puzzle, especially to the age class which they can relate to, prepares them to be emphatic and sensitive to the different cultures and traditions they may encounter in the future.


A hefty wardrobe of different costumes can also be a good element for an effective preschool education. Ofcourse, the objective of costumes is not about trying clothes to kids, but rather focus on the roles they can portray when they are suited up with a specific set of clothes. Once kids are on their costumes, they can role play different groups of people or certain profession which may now test their behavior towards the character and how they handle their personal emotions while maintaining character.

Alphabet and Numerical Puzzles


Letters and numbers engraved puzzles are essential in learning for preschoolers. Aside from the excitement puzzles give to kids, it also fosters a variety of cognitive and spacial skills. Puzzles rouse child’s curiosity, fortifies concentration and determination.


Acquire some critical judgment and engineering going with Legos! Lego has grown into an international trend in the field of education. Legos are one of the instruments that expand lateral thinking in an enjoyable setting.

Moreover, Lego is an excellent way of introducing three dimensions to preschoolers. Aside from enhancing critical thinking and creativity, Lego has the ability to boost literacy as kids work following set of guidelines. It offers youngsters an opportunity to explore new skills without the apprehension of failure.


Puppets make magnificent illustration aids for preschool-age children. It’s a fun way of attracting kids’ attention and getting their full cooperation. Puppets can augment children’s communication skills by providing well thought-out chances to interact with the puppets.

There are children who are averse to speak and have stage frights. By using puppets, they may be more willing to speak as they are using the puppets as medium.

Dramatic Play Set

Playing different roles is a must for preschoolers. By doing so, youngsters will have plenty of ideas on choosing their future professions. Moreover, the activity will improve their communication and interaction towards others.

On the other hand, dramatic play set will also enable kids to think critically and accordingly on the given situation.

Musical Learning Toy

It is important for every child to be exposed not only to different sights and smells, but also to variety of sounds.  The Musical Learning Toy will help preschoolers to distinguish one sound from another. By using this, they will be more acquainted on a certain sound and be able to determine it once they’ve encountered it as they grow up.

Animal Wooden Dolls

It is undeniable that most of the young children on their ages aren’t able to see different kind of animals due to safety and health purposes. But it doesn’t mean that you can’t teach them those. With the Animal Wooden Toy, kids will have ideas on the appearances and names of the animals without even seeing them physically. Also, it can be a great tool for learning, because preschoolers can easily identify things by images and shapes.