We are all different, no doubt about that. That’s why some of us are contented with silence while focusing on something important during work or study time. But, in my case, I can’t concentrate without music. Silence is distracting for me because after all, we can’t achieve total silence unless we’re in a scientifically altered room for it. Without music, I can hear even the slightest sounds which distracts me. As a teacher, I need to read a lot to have smooth discussions in my classes. That can’t happen if I’m easily distracted by sounds. I need music to consistently play the whole time until I don’t notice it anymore.

Music for Deep Focus

Now, what exactly is the perfect music so we can focus or concentrate deeply? Well, there’s no exact music for it. The perfect deep focus tracks for you totally rely on your personality and mindset. I am a type of person who easily gets distracted. So, I need to set the ambience with instrumental music that’s consistent – no sudden highs or lows such as loud bass, electronic dance beats, etc. The type of music I’m listening to conceals sounds from my environment but, at the same time, doesn’t overpower everything completely. When I hear birds chirping, it seems that they are just part of my music.

But, not everybody likes instrumental music. My husband, for example, tends to get sleepy when he listens to tracks without lyrics. So, he listens to his favorite rock songs at work. Of course, he needs to use earphones. Meanwhile, my kids want to listen to their favorite cartoon songs during study time and homework. They say they get bored with silence, my tunes or my constant blabbering.

My Top 11 Tracks for Deep Focus

I don’t expect everyone to like the type of music I listen to during mind-based activities. But, there’s no harm in trying. Maybe you would like it anyway. I discovered these tracks on Spotify. I hope you’ll find the following tracks useful:

“Requiem” (Lights & Motion)

This track is a smooth journey for the ears. It starts low for quite some time until you get used to the music despite all the violins, bells and louder volume in the middle and last part of the track. I, for one, haven’t noticed the intense progress this track gives until I listened to it on purpose. Isn’t it amazing how my ears become fully accustomed to the tune without me being conscious about it every time I’m busy?

“Daylight Goodbye” (Message To Bears)

A piano plays softly at first with an ambient sound in the background. Later, more repetitive, clinking sounds join in. Even human hums are added to the track. But, the extra sounds are added smoothly. No sudden noise at all. Everything blends perfectly. The clinking sounds even figuratively tickles my brain. For some reason, I read or write faster with this track.

“Supernovas” (William Roud)

The vibe of this track at first is similar to “Daylight Goodbye.” But, as the track progresses, soft drum beats join the dreamy melody. It is an instrumental song with a hint of spice. I never get sleepy with this track.

“Branches And Constellations” (The Echelon Effect)

The Echelon Effect’s smartly composed track is quite similar to “Supernovas” because of the drums in the last part. But, the first part is much quieter. Sometimes, you need tracks that almost have a similar vibe when you make a playlist for deep focus. That enables you to have a smoother progress in your playlist.

“Losing the Light” (Explosions In The Sky)

The whole track focuses on ambience. You won’t notice its progress, which is great. “Losing the Light” has some extra sounds but all are subtle. These sounds just put texture into the track.

“Silver Lining” (Lights & Motion)

Another track from Lights & Motion, “Silver Lining” reminds me of some Coldplay songs. It sounds nostalgic and psychedelic. It is more upbeat than the previous songs I’ve listed. But, it is still not distracting. The powerful vibe just makes you want to think and move faster.

“Bless Those Tired Eyes” (Clem Leek)

The title hits me hard. Just kidding! This track also focuses on ambience but has extra guitar sounds for texture. The guitar is more on being plucked, not strummed. The track is relaxing and clears your mind from other thoughts.

“An Old Peasant Like Me” (Explosions In The Sky/David Wingo)

This time, Explosions In The Sky collaborates with David Wingo to compose a relaxing ambient music with minimal piano and violin sounds for texture. It sounds similar to “Bless Those Tired Eyes.”

“Petrichor” (At The End Of Times/Nothing)

If you’re into rock music, “Petrichor” has that sort of vibe. It has a lot of electric guitar sounds. It also has that continuous marching beat of the drum in the later part. But, it is amazing that the whole track remains soft to the ears. The ambient sound really helps in balancing everything out.

“Hypersleep” (65daysofstatic)

Now, we have the combination of ambient and drone sounds in this track. The result is a surreal and out-of-this-world music, as if you are transported into the outer space. Personally, this belongs to my top three go-to songs whenever I need to concentrate on a certain task.

“Igelstorp” (Fellows)

When it comes to sophistication, I think this track nails it. I can’t even identify if the sounds are electronic or from musical instruments. “Igelstorp” has so many elements that you can’t predict what the next sound is going to be. I associate this track to memory because of the reverberating sound effects. So far, this track never fails to make me memorize stuff.

Final Thoughts

There’s always science behind anything, and music is no exception. Basically, music helps the brain waves to achieve a certain frequency. The brain wave frequency conditions the brain to handle specific tasks. Obviously, some songs can make you alert while some aim to relax you. Music is a trigger to help you with what you need to do. That’s why music is definitely not just for fun and entertainment.