Kids today are so lucky. Because of the presence of advanced technology, more family-friendly comedy movies emerge. I remember when I was a kid when almost every film was about adults, so I just focused on my cartoons starring Tom, Jerry, Bugs Bunny, Popeye and other hilarious animated characters. Most episodes of cartoons were pointless and filled with nonsense, but you can’t expect a kid to find joy in movies long ago.

Finally, film studios such as Pixar and DreamWorks started to produce movies that are filled with special effects and eye-candy characters. The best part is that these and other studios of the same kind of movies do whatever it takes to give attractive and, at the same time, meaningful content. Lastly, based on my own experience, some movies are hilarious for all ages – proven by how my husband and I laughed with our kids during movie nights. If you’re starting to get curious about my top 10 comedy movies for kids, here they are:


The most difficult part of having a daughter is making sure that she would become a strong, capable woman. Thanks to movies such as “Mulan,” female empowerment can already be taught in such a young age. I love how Disney princesses are not all glitters and sunshine because of Mulan.

Walt Disney Pictures

Don’t get me started with how funny the movie is! The voice actors, especially Eddie Murphy, successfully put humor throughout the movie. My most favorite part is Mulan’s training montage with the troops. My kids love those scenes too!

Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs

Whenever my kids watch this movie, they always get hungry and make me promise to cook or buy delicious food for them as soon as possible. I can’t blame them – everything in this movie looks so yummy! Funny, I already imagined some scenarios in my head when I was kid, especially raining ice cream and spaghetti.

Sony Pictures Animation

I noticed that my kids got so affected when Flint Lockwood totally forgot his responsibility to just control the production of food. They were so disappointed that Flint became selfish and stubborn. As a mom, I was so proud to see my kids knowing the difference between right and wrong.

Big Hero 6

It is hard to raise more than one kid, believe me. Siblings really fight over the tiniest problems. However, when my kids watched “Big Hero 6,” the house was peaceful for a few days. No fights, no arguments, no crying. My kids were so affected by the two brothers in the movie.

Walt Disney Pictures/Walt Disney Animation Studios

Forgetting about the sad parts of the movie, the scenes are filled with comedy, youthful action and science. My kids loved the humor of Baymax so much that they asked for plush toys resembling the cuddly character. The young characters are also positive influences for any child because of their passion in knowledge, learning and school.

A Bug’s Life

This is one of my most favorite animation movies. The artwork is amazing and jaw-dropping. When it comes to humor, “A Bug’s Life” also hits the jackpot. Overall, the movie teaches the value of unity and confidence no matter how small you are. The tiny creatures in the movie can do a lot of wonderful things. That’s why after watching the movie, I reminded my kids that they are all amazing despite how young they are. It helps them to be more confident about themselves and perform better at school.

Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios


Another story about sibling love, “Frozen” was the center of my kids’ attention when it first came out. They really loved the songs! I shared what I observed to my co-teachers who are also parents. All of them could relate. Some of my colleagues even bought Elsa and Anna dresses for their daughters.

Walt Disney Pictures/Walt Disney Animation Studios

The impact of “Frozen” to kids – and even teenagers – goes to show that it is an unforgettable story about family, forgiveness and unconditional love. It is okay to show if you’re sad or angry about something because concealing it might lead to more conflicts. It is also important to let people love you because no man is an island.

Inside Out

As a teacher, I highly recommend “Inside Out.” Dysfunctional people exist because of negative emotions building up inside of them since childhood. People think that life is all about showing people that you’re a strong, happy person. It’s not. Kids must always be open to their parents about their confusions, problems and doubts. Like what the movie implies, you can only be genuinely happy after experiencing sadness. As usual, I gathered my kids after the movie to teach them lessons from the movie. I really emphasized to them that they must talk to me if ever they would have problems. Good thing my kids quickly understood how important my reminder was.

Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios


This is not entirely an animation movie. Some scenes are composed of actual people but still entertaining and lively for kids. Amy Adams is such as lovable actress for children. My daughter looks up to her.

Walt Disney Pictures/Sonnenfeld Josephson Entertainment

Some people might not agree with this, but I want my kids to believe in true love. I want them to be optimistic about the opposite sex, that there will always be good men and women despite bad people in the mix. I want them to have high standards in choosing their future partners, especially when it comes to personality.

Monsters, Inc.

Before this movie, my kids were so scared of monsters under their beds and inside their closets. I’m not sure where they got these ideas. Maybe they got it from their friends at school or their father’s love for horror stories. Anyway, after watching the whole movie, they started to think that monsters are not scary at all. I also didn’t expect that Boo would be such a powerful influence for my kids. Children must learn how to be brave while still young, so they will be independent as adults.

Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios

The Incredibles

Now, this is a family favorite! I still find it hilarious that Mr. Incredible looks so much like my husband. From start to finish, everybody in the family room was laughing out loud. One Halloween, we were even the Incredibles. The movie gave importance to family, and I’m thankful for it. I’m sure the kids will always remember the fun we had while watching the movie and dressing up like the characters for trick-or-treat.

Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios

Finding Nemo

I’m proud to say that my husband kind of teared up while watching “Finding Nemo.” My kids kept on hugging their daddy during sad scenes. It’s the sweetest thing.

Obedience is the foundation of child discipline. When Nemo disobeyed his father, their lives became chaotic and risky. I know Marlin was a little too much for not granting even just a hint of independence for his son, but Nemo also did a bad thing. Parents just want to give what’s best for their children, even if it would come across as annoying. “Finding Nemo” teaches life lessons for both parents and children. Kudos to the creators for a very imaginative and meaningful movie!

Walt Disney Pictures/Pixar Animation Studios

Final Thoughts

To be an effective parent, always give time to your children, not just in serious stuff but in fun moments as well. Watching movie with the kids is one of the best ways to bond as a family and teach children about life lessons without appearing too dominant. Let the movies teach your kids sometimes.